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A Seder for Rosh Hashanah

Growing up in Iran, ceremonial food for Rosh Hashanah was more than just apples and honey. We celebrated the holiday with numerous prayers and symbolic food.

These symbolic morsels were the highlight of our holiday dinner. Each item was fresh or cooked from scratch.

My father knew whose gardens had white pomegranate trees and requested a few for our seder. We didn't use regular pomegranates with red seeds. White pomegranate seeds were sweet and didn't have the hard seed (arils) inside. They were quite delicious.

Happy New Year and I hope you'll enjoy celebrating this holiday with an Iranian twist.

I am sharing with you a pamphlet I produced in my computer literacy class years ago.

Nooshe-joon! Enjoy!

Candle Lighting


Washing Hands

Ha-Motzi: Prayers over bread

Hamotzi recited by Iranian Jews. We didn't have challah bread. Prayers were said over flat bread.

The Four Meanings of Rosh Hashanah

Apples and Honey



Beans/ Black Eyed Peas

Head (Lamb, Fish or a head of lettuce if you are vegetarian)



Fresh Yellow Dates, If possible


White pomegranates from

Specialty Produce

Lung or something airy like marshmallows or popcorn

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