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How It Got Started

The Roots

My memoirs, Wedding Song and Leaving Iran, chronicle my life and those of my family members in Iran. Food is an integral part of these stories.

Whenever I read from my memoirs, people from the audience approach me to say how they had stories of their own, often flavored by their favorite food. If they could write, they, too, would tell these stories of family members and friends in the kitchen or around the dining table. 

Thus the idea was born. I could write these stories for them through this blog. 

This website is a collection of food memories and recipes written by many.

And please share your stories with me.


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Food & Memory

Remembering People and Places

Does the aroma of a food remind you of a place?
Does a recipe remind you of a special person in your life? 

This blog aggregates stories, pictures and videos of these memories
and the recipes connected to them.

Please contact me if you have a story and a recipe to share. 

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